Responding Well to Correction – Continued

Can you remember the last time someone corrected you?  How did you feel about that?  Were you glad or sad or angry?  Correction is something we all need at times, some more than others, but we are often resistant.  To accept correction means we are admitting we were wrong.  Admitting we were wrong means admitting we are not perfect and that someone knew something we didn't or they discovered something we hoped would remain hidden.


Our prideful natures do not like that.  But do we really want to go through life being wrong?  Does it really help us if people pretend we aren't wrong?  Can we grow and improve without correction?

The proper response to correction is to accept it and own the need to change.  Embrace the improvement being offered to us.  Thank the person who cared enough to challenge us.  Move towards the correct way.

Now if that is true in everyday life, when a boss, parent, co-worker, friend, spouse, or teacher gives us correction, how much more true is it when God corrects us?  When God reveals a problem, when God challenges us about our sin, when He allows pain to wake us up to needed changes?  In Daniel 9, Daniel is reminded of Israel's outstanding disobedience to God and why he is not living in his hometown of Jerusalem.  He is stirred to confession; confession of more than just his own sins, and he models for us how we should respond to God's discipline.  We also learn a great deal about our loving God.  I hope you will follow along.

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