Repulsive Christianity

So if God was giving out spiritual report cards, how do you think you would make out?  What criteria do you think God would use?

As mentioned before, these seven letters in Revelation 2 nd 3 are spiritual report cards to the 7 seven churches and sadly, several need remediation. None of them, however, need it as badly as the Church in Laodicea. They have received, by far, the harshest reprimand.  On top of that, there is no praise, only an offer to repent and be a welcomed guest of Christ's.  There sin?  Mainly pride.  It tends to be the most overlooked spiritual disease, because the one who has it the worst is blind to it.  That is why we need to take such special notice to this letter, because we may think we are doing great spiritually, and God may think otherwise.  It is so important that we check against such blindness.

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