Regaining Perspective

Sometimes life is discouraging.  It may be personal struggles, it may be injustices, it may  just be the daily grind that gets us down.  Sometimes, we need to regain perspective.

Usually we think of reading the Bible as something that should help us, should encourage us. I have to admit though, that as I worked through Revelation 13 last time, I found myself being discouraged.  You see, even though I believe I will miss the events of Revelation 13, it reminded me too much of today, and it reminded me that things are unlikely to get better any time soon.  I was awfully thankful when I read Revelation 14 in preparation for this message.  It gives hope!  It gives perspective!  It gives important reminders.

Now don't expect a message that everything will get better tomorrow or later today.  Expect a message that helps you gain long-term perspective.  A message that will remind you of the God of the Universe who loves us dearly and is hesitant to judge, but quick to forgive and bless.  Expect to hear a message that will help you get past the haze of current events and the daily grind and set your perspective on the prize, the win that we all can be part of.

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