Prayer, Justice, and Judgment

As we dive into Revelation 8 in this message, there are three themes that emerge, themes that have a very significant connection.

First is the theme of prayer.  Do you believe God hears and responds to your prayers?  This passage in the biblical book of Revelation shows that God indeed does hear our prayers and they have an impact on His actions, just not always as quickly as we may like.

The next theme, intertwined with the prayers of the saints, is that of justice.  Many times we think God is ambivalent to the wickedness and injustice going on around us, but God sees and knows everything.  He does not ignore evil, but has a plan He is carrying out, which brings us to the theme of judgment.  There cannot be justice without judgment.  That is the very reason we see what we call delay.  Why is God delaying in stopping the evil?  Because when He acts, the opportunity for mercy is over.  When He acts, the chance for forgiveness goes away.  Therefore God is patient, not wanting any to perish.  When He begins to judge, the pain and loss is catastrophic.  Come learn from Revelation 8.

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