Obeying the Call God Has Given Every Believer

It is easy to have the mindset that reaching the world for Christ is the work of a few special people.  We hear the testimonies of missionaries and their work in other countries and are impressed at what they do and the sacrifices they make.  You might even be among the faithful that give and pray for missions.  You may go to church and get excited about what you see God doing there.  But did you know, the work of reaching the lost with the message of the Gospel is not just for a select few?  It is not just something we help pay others to do.  The work of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and the proclaiming of the Gospel to all the world is a task given to EVERY believer.  Need some convincing on that?  Listen to todays message as we explore what God has told every Christian to do.  See some sobering statistics on how many people have yet to hear the Good News of Christ and currently have no hope that they ever will.  Consider how God is speaking to you to get involved!

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