Is it Political or Is it Biblical? Part 4

This final message in the series will complete our look at 5 key topics of our time.  We have been looking at what God says about the Economy, Immigration, Law and Order, and Sexual Issues, now we will look at the topic of Abortion.  Following a brief survey of God's teaching on that critical topic, we will finish up by talking about hopes and ambitions.  Where does our hope really lie - in a perfect government?  In converting the country to our way of thinking?  Where is our confidence and what are our dreams?  What should we be seeking as followers of Jesus here on earth?   God's Word gives us some very clear teaching on that final question, and we will investigate that today.

I hope this final installment in this series will leave you with a lasting hope and a healthy perspective on the future.  I trust that it will help give you the right perspective on all these issues, especially the topic of what our ambitions are to be in these days we have on earth.  May God bless you through His Word as you listen.

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