In Your Eyes, How Big is Your God?

One way we know very quickly how big our God is to us is when we have to chose between Him and something else, especially if that something else is our life.

In America, in our lifetimes, it has been very rare that someone has had to choose between their allegiance to God and their life.  It has happened, but it has been rare.  More often, we have to chose on a much smaller scale how important, how big, our God is to us, but how we answer the little questions indicate how we would answer the big one.

In todays study of Daniel 3, we will get a glimpse into the thinking of 3 men who were faced with that big question: How big is your God to you?  Are you willing to die for Him, or would you rather worship another god to spare your life?  We will study the factors that led to their bold choice and take away some important truths for ourselves.

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