In the Beginning – The Roots of the Christmas Story

Why Christmas? Why did Jesus come to earth as a baby?  Why did He die on the cross?  To understand the importance of Christmas and why it even exists, we need to go back to the beginning.  Not the beginning where the angel appears to Mary. Not even the account of John the Baptist's birth being announced, nor the prophecies of Isaiah.  I am talking about going way back, to the very Beginning, to Genesis, to understand why we needed a Christmas.

In this first installment of a 6-part Christmas series, it is my desire that we will all grasp a greater appreciating for the incarnation and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  I pray that it will help us see why all the other Scriptures on Christ's coming to earth are so amazing and hope-giving.  Listen and grow in your trust and love for the Scriptures.  Gain a deeper appreciation for the Gospel and its Author, Jesus Christ.

You can view the slides for this message here.

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