How to Judge a Pastor

Today is a little awkward as I will be talking about myself and my role as pastor.  Sometime in the future, however, First Baptist of Elimsport will need to find a new pastor.  Whether it's because I retire, move, die, or get the boot, I’ll need to be replaced someday.

You may not be part of FBC of Elimsport, but if you attend church anywhere, someday you will likely be facing such a situation.  Or maybe you are looking for a church and the quality of the pastor is a huge factor in making that choice.  What should you look for?

It is also possible that you are feeling critical of me or whoever your current pastor is.  You question whether or not we are doing our job well.  That is a fair question to ask…but on what basis do you evaluate us on?  What is the rubric you should be using?  How do you judge a Pastor?  That’s exactly what this sermon wants to address.  I hope that you will grab a Bible, pen, and paper and join in for this important message.

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