Happy Father’s Day!

Is it okay to wish someone Happy Father's Day??  We live in a world that is very fractured and polarized.  Currently, one of the most contentious issues is that of human sexuality.  With so much division and confusion, some might be wondering if celebrating a father figure and saying what a good job he has done is fitting when so many can't agree on what that all means!

Thankfully, God has no confusion and really, we have no reason to be confused either.  God has told us clearly in His Word what it means to be both a man and a good dad. Come look in God's Word to clear up the confusion on God's plan for men and how to redeem masculinity from the word "toxic".  The truths shared are very basic, yet very contentious, due to an enemy that wants this world in the dark on things that are important.  I hope you will join us!

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