God’s Design for Family

In Paul's day, the institutions of marriage and family were in shambles.  Faithfulness to a spouse was becoming a novelty.  It didn't seem to matter if you were a Jew, Greek, or Roman, you had ways to jettison any  marital commitment you may have made.  Even the idea of what a family consisted of was up for private interpretation.

Today is quite similar.  The ever growing mindset in our society is that the idea of a heterosexual,  monogamous union for life is becoming marginalized as an old fashioned, ignorant idea.  We not only make it easy to break any bonds that are made, we have questioned whether there is any particular form the family unit is to take.  What is the truth?  Does it matter?

Join me as we look at God's design for marriage and family.  Please don't let the imperfect and often times corrupt displays of family keep you from considering what the all-wise, all-knowing, eternal Creator intended for marriage and family to look like.

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