From Disillusionment to Joy

"He is Risen!" was not the first words some of the disciples said when they heard about the empty tomb.  Most were saying "He is Missing!".  Maybe that is how you feel sometimes.  Sometimes  we expect God to show up in a certain way: heal a friend, fix a problem, calm this chaotic world.  Sometimes He does just what we hoped but sometimes He doesn't.  Does it mean He is missing?  Has He failed?  Does He not really care?

That is how many of the disciples felt.  Their world was turned upside down when they saw Him die on the cross.  All that they had pinned their hopes on, bet their very lives on, died before their very eyes.  Now, in Luke 24, we see Jesus lovingly help them put the pieces back together again.  He wants to do that for you too, but you have to trust Him.  Join in as we look at Jesus restore hope and joy on the road to Emmaus.

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