Finding Hope In Prayer

Our hope is only as good as what it is in.  When what we hope in fails us, we are devested, wrecked, and may not recover.  It is so important to take an honest look at what our hope is in and what are we hoping for.  There is only one sure hope, and it is Jesus Christ.  He needs to be where our hope is.  Many of you reading this may already know that, but let me ask you that other question, "What are you hoping for?"  You may say you have hope in Jesus, but what do you mean by that?  What are you hoping He will do?  Often disillusionment comes because God didn't do what we expected.

Today I want to talk about find hope, real hope, through prayer.  When we make prayer a habit and we learn about praying for the right things, we find our hope shifts from expecting certain answers to truly desiring God's will and trusting that it is best.  Our hope goes from being in something we want to being in Someone.  I hope this sermon will be a blessing and encouragement to you.

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