Destructive Compromise

In the effort to be kind, accepting, and loving, we can sometimes be harmful and destructive to ourselves and to others. Not telling someone their beliefs and actions are harmful is not only dishonest to them, it sends an dangerous message to all involved.  It approves a destructive behavior that will likely grow and be adopted by others.

Christ addresses the seriousness of this reality in Revelation 2:12-17.  He sends a message to the church at Pergamos addressing this very issue. He reminds the church of His watch over them, the good that they have done, but also points out their errors.  He calls them to repentance and promises a blessing if they respond.  This letter was not just a message to them, however, it is a message to believers today also.  I pray this sermon will help us all take a look at our lives and our church and apply Christ's message as needed; whether as preventative or by taking necessary action.

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