Delay and Inconvenience at Christmas

How many of you have had packages or mail delayed this last month or two?  Have you noticed how long even a letter can take to get from sender to recipient?  I was talking to someone the other day who was an office manager and they said that it is taking 10-15 days for letters to be received.  How do you feel about that?  Do you like waiting?  Does anybody like delays?

How about convenience?  Is that important to you?  How has this year worked out with that?  Been a little bit of an inconvenience?  Nothing wrecks plans like a good quarantine or shut down.  Getting sick with COVID isn’t particularly convenient either, nor having your job cancelled because of a shut down.  Now even if you have had the good fortune of none of those things happening to you, you probably have experienced those every day, irritating things like having your favorite restaurants closed, your appointments rescheduled, or your kids school go virtual because of this all.  That’s a lot of inconvenience.

How does delay work into God’s plans?  And what about inconvenience?  Did God promise somewhere in the Bible that He would “keep us from inconvenience?” NO, but, does He know about it?  Does He understand the challenge all of this is to us?  Does He possible have a reason for allowing it?

Looking at the Christmas story and all the prophecies unfolding leading up to it, we can learn quite a bit about delay and inconvenience.  Right off, we can see it is NOT new to 2020, but we can also gain some insights that might help us navigate it a little better ourselves.  Join me today as we take a look.

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