Daniel – Living Godly in an Ungodly World

Imagine the world as you know it crashing down all around you.  One of your best kings just died in battle 3 years ago and his son who is now ruling is lousy.  Your country is being defeated and you have been taken away as a conquest of war.  All the while your God is just allowing this to happen and doing nothing to stop it.  What would you do?

Daniel was in such a place, and he responded by remaining faithful to His God, obeying Him, and making wise choices even when it put him in danger.  He trusted God and went against the status quo, even though God had not made life easy.  What was the result?  You'll have to listen to this week's message to find out.

Join us right here online or in the building at 10:45 as we begin a study of the great Biblical book of Daniel.  I am looking forwarded to guiding you through this timely book,  I hope you will come along.

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