Becoming Humbly Grateful

Pride and thankfulness don't mix.  Thankfulness acknowledges that you have been given something, something that someone chose to give you.  Thankfulness acknowledges some form of exchange that you came out ahead on.  On the other hand, pride tends toward the attitude that someone owes you something.  Pride is demanding, it says people owe me.

The other side of this coin is the fact that humility fosters thankfulness and thankfulness fosters humility.  They tend to build on each other.  The more we focus on what we have been given from God, the more humbled we become by His generosity.  This is the beginning of a wonderful cycle, because the more we become humbled, the more we tend to give thanks.  The more we give thanks, the more our faith grows and our love and trust in God grows, and the more we serve Him.  The more our love, trust, and service for God grows, the more we become grateful and humbled by His love and generosity...and on and on it goes.  I hope you will take the time to discover this wonderful cycle with us as we look at Psalms 90 and 100 together!

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