Back to School with God – Part 2

Do you sometimes feel confused about God?  You wonder where He is or what in the world is He doing?  You wonder why He is letting certain things happen to you or why He isn't relieving the pain you experiencing.  Please know that God never abandon's His own, but He does let them experience difficulty as part of the prosses of conforming us to the image of His Son (Romans 8:28-29).

While "God's thoughts are not our thoughts, nor our His ways our ways" (Isaiah 55), He does give us quite a bit of insight into many of the methods He uses to teach and grow us.  While we often have peace, comfort, and ease at the top of our priority list, He has holiness, faithfulness, and  fruitfulness at the top of His.  In part 2 of "Back to School with God", we will look at some of God's teaching methods; His M.O. when it comes shaping His children into the image of Jesus Christ.

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