Antichrist and the Raging Battle

Are you familiar with the term Antichrist?  Many people have heard the term, and figure it's something from the book of Revelation, but did you know that the person Antichrist is mentioned throughout Scripture just not by that name?  In fact, the only books of the Bible that use that name are 1 and 2 John.

But what does that have to do with us now?  Is there any value in studying about the Antichrist?  In this message I want to both explain to you who Antichrist is and why it is important that we studying him and the terrible works that God has revealed he will perform.  Not only is it important for a full understanding of the Scriptures and God's future plans, it is important for our living now.  Studying God's revelation regarding Antichrist will help give us perspective on current events and should cause us to be alert for what Satan is doing in the world even now.

Please note: several other of my messages are referenced in this sermon and you can find them all on our Sermons page.

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