Another outdoor service!

We are looking forward to another outdoor service this Sunday, August 30!  We hope you will come join us.  It is weather dependent; if there is a risk of rain we will move things indoors.  Thankfully, at this point, the weather forecast is looking great for tomorrow!  

The service is Bring-Your-Own-Chair.  We will have rows marked off  in 6 foot intervals for you to set your own chairs up in the west half of the parking lot.   If  you have some extenuating circumstances that result in you preferring to stay in your car, we will have a limited number of parking spots for you in the parking lot.

Invite a friend!  This is an event the whole community is invited to. the service will begin at 10:45 as normal.

Please be wise and considerate.  If you or any of your household have any signs of illness please be wise, considerate, and Christ-like and stay home.  Also, please use your discretion regarding your own safety if you are at risk.  Remember, we will still be livestreaming the service.

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