Aiming at the Right Target

Being a dad is hard!  Not only is the day to day challenging, but there is always that underlying question, "Am I doing it right?  We worry if we are missing something, if there is a secret rule somewhere we are forgetting to follow.

We also fall into the comparison trap, looking at other families and compare our parenting with theirs, our kids with their kids, and our successes and failures with their successes or failures.  That can be discouraging, making us feel like we are a failure and wanting to quiet.

I hope in this message that everyone will find some encouragement and guidance from God's Word.  I want to first of all tell dad's you are already in the chase if you show up and love.  Thank you for being a faithful dad!  Take a few minutes to watch today as I talk about some targets not to chase, while giving four clear things our kids need to see in us.  Spoiler alert: perfection is not one of them!

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