Trusting the God Who Finishes What He Starts

Have you ever promised in advance to do something for someone, but when the time came to follow through, you forgot?  I find it very upsetting when I realize that I have not followed through on a promise to someone.  It is easy to have good intentions on doing something but then mess up keeping that promise, whether through forgetfulness or some other limitation that keeps you from completing it.  It is part of being human; even the best fail sometimes.

It is easy to transfer that human weakness to God, especially since in His wise timing, there is often delay.  We want things right away, and when they don't happen immediately, we give up or forget about them.  God, however, has a long-term view about things and always does what He says He will.  In this study on Revelation 11 we are reminded that His plan covers thousands of years.  This makes sense when you remember that the outcome lasts for eternity.  What He promised in the Old Testament He fulfills both in and after the New Testament.  I hope you will follow along as we connect passages from Daniel 9, Zechariah 4, and Revelation 11 to see that our God is always faithful to do what He says He will do.

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