The End of the Story

This week I was at a church building where I had performed a wedding for a young couple 15 years ago.  Tragedy hit that couple about 9 years after that wonderful, happy day, and I thought to myself, "We never know the end of a story, we never know how things turn out."

But then, I corrected myself.  You see, death, which is what we often refer to as the end of the story, is not really the end at all.  We call it the end, because those of us who say goodbye to friends or family when they die, have lost a relationship that will never be restored here on earth.  For the one who died, however, it is just the beginning.

This message from Revelation 22 is all about what the end truly is, and what it will be like.  Join in as we talk about the great things God has in store for His followers.

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