What Makes Our Church Special?

In our part of America, there are a lot of churches to choose from.  Even when you narrow your choices down by denomination, you may still find two or more options driving distance.  What makes our church special?  What sets First Baptist Church of Elimsport apart?

First, it is important to realize that we are not in competition against other Bible believing, Gospel preaching churches.  All Christians are part of the body of Christ and have the same mission of making disciples of all people.  When looking for a church, you want to find one that is going to help you grow as a disciple and make disciples.  What I want to do in this message is basically give a snapshot of some our convictions and what they look like in practice.  I want to help you not just think about what your church is like, but also about what you want to be, what you would like it to get better at according to God's standards.

This message is a presentation of practical theology, of what living out our beliefs is looking like here at First Baptist.  I hope it encourages, sets a standard, and prompts action.

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