The Importance of Remembering

While summer officially began two weeks ago, in most American's minds it began on May 27th with the celebration of Memorial Day. While that day seems to be all about picnics, camping, and time together with friends and family, the original purpose was to remember those who have died, specifically, those who died in the wars our country fought. So it is with all holidays - they are for remembering. We recently observed Juneteenth and we are going to be celebrating Independance Day. These days are meant to commemorate significant events in our nation's history, not just give us a day off of work.

There is an even more significant event we are going to remember in our service today, it is Jesus offering Himself on the cross on our behalf. We are going to be celebrating communion, but like the national holidays, it is easy to forget its significance. It is easy to go through the motions and remember generically that Christ died for us, but when is the last time you stopped and really considered its significance? Why He died, and what it accomplished?

While watching from home you cannot actually take part in the celebration of the ordinance, I do encourage you to listen as I invite us all to remember the significance of this practice that God has called us to do regularly until He comes.

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