Services Cancelled Today (1/7/2024), but…

Due to the weather, we have decided it was best to cancel our Sunday Services. Let me encourage you, however, to do one or both of the following:

If you were not able to be part of last week's service, take the time to watch that here.  Our guest speaker Trevor Route gave a great message that is a perfect introduction to the new series I will begin next week (Lord willing) on the local church. 

If you have already heard that message, then take a minute and view this video "Disciples Make Disciples" by David Platt on RightNow Media. Begin by reading the "View" section of the study guide and then go over the study guide when you are done.  If you have others in your household, do this together!

I hope that we get to be together next week.  God bless and enjoy the beauty of the fresh snowfall!


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