A New Series on The Bible

I want to invite you to join us this Sunday Morning at 9:30 for the beginning of a new series on the Bible.  We will begin by answering questions like "what makes the Bible so special?" and "how did we get the Bible?".  We will briefly discuss the reliability of our English translations of the Bible and then proceed to learn how to read the Bible with understanding.  We will use Robert McKenzie's book "Let Me Introduce You to the Bible" to become familiar with the different books contained within the Bible.  We will discuss both how they are distinct and how they interrelate with each other.

My end goal is that we will all have a greater understanding and appreciation for the Word of God, and therefore read it more.  I am excited about this study and think you will enjoy it and benefit from it.  I hope you will come!

Note: we will be meeting in the fellowship hall in the lower level of the church.  There are age appropriate classes for each member of the family during this Sunday School time of 9:30-10:25 so come and bring the whole family!

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